About Franciscan Institute for the Culture of Peace


Dedication to peace is inseparable from the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi and his followers. The same spirit permeates the work of Franciscans - nuns and friars in the territory of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In these areas, which in their long history, all until recent times were thorn by numerous war conflicts, Franciscans managed to contribute strongly to the reconciliation and coexistence of people from different cultures and religions, all in the spirit of Gospel. In the last war (1991 - 1995) the Franciscans also devoted themselves ardently to the service of peace. Although they didn\'t manage to prevent or stop the war, they were anyway trying to prevent crimes and mitigate the sufferings of people. Pursuing the tradition and their widespread presence, the Franciscans - friars and nuns feel committed to continue searching for always new models of conciliation and to develop new concepts of creating permanent peace.

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Unreconciled Society – Contributions to Overcoming the Unreconciled Memories of Croatian Society and People

Twenty years after the war, as regards history and historical facts, the Croatian society has been deeply divided, and the Croatian people have not yet come to reconciliation. The depth of this division is reflected „diabolically“ in the opposed founding narratives of the contemporary Croatian state, and generally, of the Croatian society and people. It appears necessary to find the way of overcoming the divisions, because, without the reconciled memories ad intra, it is impossible to healthy participate ad extra, in the context of creating the transnational narrative EU identity.

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V. European OFM JPIC Congress

Croatia, April 29 - 30, 2013

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